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Tavex Group eCommerce platform UX/UI redesign

The Tavex Group serves more than 1.9 million customers annually and sells over 4 tons of gold.

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Crafting a Unified eCommerce Experience for Europe’s Premier Precious Metals Dealer

Serving over 1.9 million customers annually and selling more than 4 tons of gold each year, the Tavex Group stands as a titan in the precious metals and foreign exchange industry. With a legacy dating back to 1991 and operations across 8 European countries, Tavex's commitment to excellence and customer service has made it the leading dealer in Northern Europe. Despite its impressive physical and online presence, Tavex faced challenges with inconsistent user experiences and underwhelming online revenue streams across its diverse markets.

Challenge: Xfiner was tasked with a monumental project: to overhaul Tavex's eCommerce platform, creating a cohesive and engaging online experience that resonates across all its branches. The objective was clear - enhance user experience, streamline the purchase process, and significantly boost online conversions and revenue.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Unified eCommerce Platform: Recognizing the complexity and scope of Tavex's offerings, Xfiner embarked on designing a common eCommerce platform that would serve the group's eight branches. This involved crafting nearly 500 screens, ensuring a seamless and uniform user experience across different regions and devices.
  • Innovative Features and Systems: Beyond traditional eCommerce functionalities, Xfiner introduced several automated marketing and customer engagement tools, including Virtual Portfolio, Price Bot, Market Watch, Custom Charts, and Tavex ID. These features provided customers with real-time market insights, personalized portfolio management, and enhanced security, setting Tavex's platform apart from competitors.
  • Awards and Recognition: The extensive redesign, dubbed the Tavex Facelift project, not only transformed the group's digital presence but also earned accolades in the industry, reflecting the project's innovation and impact.


The revitalized Tavex eCommerce platform marked a significant turning point for the group, translating to improved customer satisfaction, higher conversion rates, and a noticeable increase in online revenue. Xfiner's comprehensive approach to digital strategy, design, and implementation propelled Tavex into a new era of online retailing, solidifying its position as a leader in the precious metals market.

A Golden Partnership: The collaboration between Xfiner and Tavex Group exemplifies how strategic digital innovation can enhance business models and revenue streams in the highly competitive precious metals sector. This project stands as a testament to Xfiner's capability to tackle complex challenges and deliver results that not only meet but exceed client expectations.

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Lauri Post

Founder, Creative Director

Concepts, UX/UI Design


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