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xfiner is a well-trusted creative tribe that unites quality brands with quality people to design quality experiences. Learn how and why xfiner was reborn in 2024 - and which are the 26+ countries we have delivered projects to.

Long story short
Ultimate Wow
European Design Awards, Silver

European Design Awards, Silver 2021, German Design Award 2021 landed on our desks. Even though eCommerce projects took over during Covid times, we were asked to design a project for Europe’s leading art and design university Aalto (number 5 university in the world), and that’s even bigger recognition than winning the European Design Awards Silver. Unbelievable!

On top of that we were asked to do several trainings for the Grow with Google series in Estonia.

Design Coma

After spiraling more into eCommerce and development and unconsciously shifting away from design, our vision became blurred, and tiredness kicked in. Bitfiner shifted into extremely low gear, closed its Rotermanni's office. After the founder of xfiner resided on Canary Islands for several months, he went on a startup adventure with Wunderfront, with the goal of productizing the experience in eCommerce. xfiner's core team stayed intact and some very notable projects were still created during this adventurous time.

2024, April

A strong desire and awakening emerged after a few years of driving at 20 km/h, not 200 km/h. The heart desired more visuals, more smiles, more experiences, more quality appreciating clients and team, and a lot fewer technical projects. A decision was made - and Bitfiner was rebranded to xfiner, with a clear objective - to find more quality appreciating brands and help them amaze their customers in unique, seductive, and adorable ways, with our fully remote x-team and x-platform. To follow our passion, and strong suit.

Extra Finer
New ways, the extra finer ways

xfiner stands for extra finer, quality, stunning experiences, awakening and empowering the x-factor in people and brands.

On top of rebranding to xfiner and sticking with our strong suit, we are aiming to shape a new way of how top professionals and brands work and collaborate.

Our private x-platform aims to make our lives happier, simpler, and create a feeling of never working again, just enjoying what we love the most. Designing and creating stunning experiences, wowing people, helping brands, helping people. Less hurry, less worry, because quality is never an accident.

xfiner is a good match for you if you value quality, design, and want to differentiate.

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Why consider xfiner to support your brand with immersive experiences?

It is our passion to make more people love your brand, even more, through design. We’ve delivered notable design projects to 26 countries and counting.
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Many well-known and global brands have trusted us to help on their important projects. We are always happy to collaborate, contribute and deliver.
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We are humble and down to earth, and the 10+ awards just make us more happier. European Design Awards - Silver, multiple German Design Awards and counting.
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Xfiner's team and partners have the experience of creating over 100 virtual tours from start to finish, and also hold the the membership at The International Virtual Reality Professionals Association.
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And further apart
29 countries
xfiner has has the pleasure to ship different creative projects to 29 countries and counting. Our work has been spotted in:

United States, United Kingdom, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Singapore, Bulgaria, Romania, China, India, Hungary, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Germany, Rwanda, Tanzania, Lesotho, Poland, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, France.
The approach we use on our projects, collaboration, and team is certainly unique. And so is the outcome of our projects, the effect it has on brands and people, and beyond. We believe in uniqueness and strategic work towards achieving desired business goals for our clients, while being unique, attractive, and inspirational.
The people at xfiner all share common workflows, and have the passion and skills to manage themselves autonomously. All we need is a great client, like you, a clear brief or time to craft one, and things get done with excellence. Every person that is part of xfiner has passed our internal trust test. We can assemble ourselves as a big team within minutes, and collaborate as any other team, but where not needed, we only use the time and resources needed to create the quality and uniqueness expected.
Partner & member
xfiner is an official member of the IVPRA (International Virtual Reality Professionals Association) and also a long time partner and member of the Estonian E-commerce Association. We deeply value our partnerships.
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Lauri Post

Founder, Creative Director

Concepts, UX/UI Design


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