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On top of the neat designs, we will make sure everything meets visionOS design guidelines

Animation & interaction design services.

Xfiner helps you tell your brand's or product's story in a highly appealing and visual way. Using 2D and 3D animation and interaction design.

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Every impactful animation project starts with careful planning that leads to a well-described project brief. This helps us later to meet the goals and plans set.

The magic ingredient

How you make it happen makes all the difference. We aim to make the concept unique and captivating, so that your animation stands out - and wins the hearts of as many as possible.

Imagine a comic book

A storyboard is as simple as a comic book and we use this to show you how we plan to tell the story, step by step. You will be able to clearly get the idea.

The particles

Depending on the style and complexity of the animation, we design and produce all the assets that are needed for the animation and storytelling, with excellence and passion.

Magic can now be seen

After the design and assets have been excellently produced - we start to animate and make it all happen. You can see the real deal and for sure will be impressed by what your eyes witness.

You got it

The story now lives and impacts the way people experience your band and products. You can take the animated story and share it with the world - and move towards the goals set.

Xfiner has delivered projects to over 26 countries and counting.

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Why consider xfiner to support your brand with immersive experiences?

It is our passion to make more people love your brand, even more, through design. We’ve delivered notable design projects to 26 countries and counting.
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Many well-known and global brands have trusted us to help on their important projects. We are always happy to collaborate, contribute and deliver.
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We are humble and down to earth, and the 10+ awards just make us more happier. European Design Awards - Silver, multiple German Design Awards and counting.
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Xfiner's team and partners have the experience of creating over 100 virtual tours from start to finish, and also hold the the membership at The International Virtual Reality Professionals Association.
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Lauri Post

Founder, Creative Director

Concepts, UX/UI Design


10+ years of experience

Franz Krusenberg

Producer, Animation Lead