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Keynote speaker at the Baltic eCommerce Forum 2023

Lauri, the founder of xfiner delivered a great presentation at the BEF 2023.

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At the Baltic eCommerce Forum 2023, Lauri Post, the founder of Xfiner, took the stage as a keynote speaker, where he shared his insights on critical aspects of the digital business world, including e-commerce, profitability, design, and user experience. His presentation, rich in knowledge and practical advice, was met with widespread acclaim and applause from the audience. Lauri's expertise in navigating the complex landscape of online commerce and his innovative approach to design and user experience underscored the importance of these elements in achieving business success. His speech not only highlighted Xfiner's commitment to excellence in digital solutions but also contributed significantly to the discourse on the future of e-commerce in the Baltic region.

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Lauri Post

Founder, Creative Director

Concepts, UX/UI Design


10+ years of experience