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Basinghall Analytics Design Works & Animation

A design and animation project for a UK-based banking, consulting, and technology firm.

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Xfiner had the opportunity to partner with Basinghall Analytics, a UK-based hybrid consulting and technology firm renowned for its innovative approach in the fields of banking, finance, and consulting. Basinghall Analytics distinguishes itself through a unique blend of deep domain experience and specialist skills in Analytics, Risk, and Technology (ART), offering software solutions designed by users for users, ensuring practicality and relevance in real-world applications.

Challenge: Basinghall Analytics required a digital platform that could effectively communicate their unique positioning and showcase their product offerings. The task extended beyond website design to include the creation of engaging video animations that would elucidate Basinghall's services and software capabilities, appealing to their sophisticated audience of banking and finance professionals.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Website Design: Xfiner developed a website for Basinghall Analytics that encapsulates the firm's hybrid nature, combining sleek design with functional excellence. The site was structured to convey Basinghall's expertise and unique selling points, ensuring visitors could easily navigate through their services, ART capabilities, and software offerings.
  • Video Animations: To complement the website and provide a dynamic representation of Basinghall's products, Xfiner crafted several video animations. These animations were designed to break down complex analytical tools and software functionalities into digestible content, showcasing how Basinghall's solutions address specific industry challenges.
  • User-Centric Approach: Reflecting Basinghall's philosophy of creating software "by users for users," the website and animations were designed with the end-user in mind. This approach ensured that the content was not only informative but also relatable and engaging to professionals in the banking and finance sector.


The collaboration with Basinghall Analytics resulted in a comprehensive digital presence that accurately reflects the firm's innovative spirit and domain expertise. The website and accompanying video animations have successfully positioned Basinghall Analytics as a leader in the intersection of consulting and technology, particularly in analytics, risk management, and technology solutions designed for the financial industry.

Empowering Financial Innovations: This project underscores Xfiner's capability to translate complex industry knowledge into accessible digital experiences. Through our work with Basinghall Analytics, we've showcased the power of design and animation in articulating the value of sophisticated consulting and technology solutions, further enhancing Basinghall's engagement with their target audience and reinforcing their standing as a pioneering force in the industry.

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Lauri Post

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