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Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation Design Works & Branding

A design collaboration that has lasted for over 8 years, and evolved to 5 countries.

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A Beacon of Hope in a World of Need

Eight years ago, the journey with Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation began with an unexpected call that set Xfiner on a path of profound collaboration and impact. Through two rebrandings, three website redesigns, and countless other projects, our partnership has been unwavering in its commitment to support Bring Hope's mission of saving lives and nurturing hope among the world's most vulnerable populations.

Challenge: The Foundation has experienced rapid growth since its inception, expanding its reach to over 2 million individuals across 8 countries. With such expansive growth came the need for a digital presence that could embody the spirit of the Foundation, articulate its mission, and engage a global audience to support its cause.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Rebranding for Global Impact: In 2017, Xfiner undertook the challenge of rebranding Bring Hope, crafting a visual identity that would resonate on a global scale. This rebranding was pivotal in aligning the Foundation's outward expression with its core mission of delivering hope and support to displaced individuals and communities.
  • Website Redesigns for Expanding Reach: With three comprehensive website redesigns, Xfiner has ensured that Bring Hope's digital platform remains at the forefront of humanitarian engagement. Each redesign has been a leap forward in showcasing the Foundation's initiatives, successes, and the real stories of those it serves.
  • Digital Assets and Yearbooks: Beyond websites, Xfiner has created a suite of digital assets, from annual yearbooks to business cards, amplifying the Foundation's ability to connect with donors, partners, and the global community.
  • On-the-Ground Engagement: The commitment to the cause extended beyond digital, with Xfiner team members personally visiting Iraq to witness the impact of the Foundation's work. These experiences have fueled our dedication to creating digital solutions that drive awareness, support, and action.


Our journey with Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is a testament to the power of partnership and the impact of digital innovation in advancing humanitarian causes. The Foundation's digital presence now serves as a cornerstone of its global outreach, enabling it to bring hope to millions of displaced people with dignity and compassion.

A Commitment Beyond Boundaries: The enduring partnership between Xfiner and Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation is a reminder of the role digital creativity can play in addressing some of the world's most pressing challenges. It is an honor to stand with Bring Hope, contributing to a movement that transcends borders and brings light to those in darkness.

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Lauri Post

Founder, Creative Director

Concepts, UX/UI Design


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