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Creative Port’s Animation, Concept and Voiceover

Creative Ports is an initiative co-funded by the European Union.

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Xfiner had the privilege of collaborating with Creative Ports, a distinguished Estonian governmental institution dedicated to elevating the country's creative industry on a global scale. Entrusted with encapsulating the essence and ambitions of Creative Ports, Xfiner set out to produce an animation and voiceover video that not only highlighted Estonia's creative prowess but also inspired viewers to recognize and embrace the potential of Estonian creativity.

Challenge: The task was to distill the vast and vibrant landscape of Estonia's creative industry into a two-minute video. The challenge lay in crafting a narrative that was both engaging and informative, showcasing Creative Ports' mission to foster collaboration, projects, and both hard and smart work, with the ultimate goal of showcasing Estonian creativity to the world.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Engaging Animation: Xfiner's creative team dove into the project with enthusiasm, conceptualizing and delivering an animation packed with visuals that captured the spirit of Estonia's creative industry. The animation was designed to be visually captivating, ensuring that the essence of Creative Ports' mission was communicated in an imaginative and compelling manner.
  • Inspiring Voiceover: Accompanying the animation was a carefully scripted voiceover that narrated the ambitions and initiatives of Creative Ports. The voiceover was crafted to resonate with viewers, articulating the institution's role in supporting and developing the creative industry while inviting global engagement with Estonian creativity.
  • Creative Collaboration: The project was a testament to the collaborative spirit that Creative Ports embodies. Xfiner's interaction with the team at Creative Estonia was marked by mutual enthusiasm and a shared vision, which was instrumental in bringing the animation to life. This collaboration ensured that the final product was not only a reflection of Creative Ports' mission but also an invitation to the world to explore Estonian creativity.


The animation and voiceover video for Creative Ports was met with acclaim from Creative Estonia and beyond, marking a significant achievement in Xfiner's portfolio. The project's success was a result of meticulous planning, creative execution, and the synergistic partnership between Xfiner and Creative Ports.

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