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Gren Klaipėda Waste-to-Energy Plant Virtual Tour

Gren operates in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and the United Kingdom.

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Lauri Veerde, the virtual tour producer at Xfiner, undertook a captivating project to create a virtual tour for Gren, showcasing the innovative waste-to-energy plant located in Klaipėda, Lithuania. This project not only highlights the transformation of waste into electricity but also serves as an educational tool demonstrating sustainable energy production practices.

Challenge: The challenge was to design an immersive virtual tour that adhered to Gren's stringent design guidelines while effectively communicating the complex process of waste-to-energy conversion. The tour needed to be informative, engaging, and accessible, allowing viewers to explore the facility's intricate operations, from waste reception to electricity generation.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Utilizing Advanced Technology: Employing krpano, the leading platform for 360-degree image presentation, Lauri Veerde captured the essence of the Klaipėda facility with stunning clarity. The tour's user interface was custom-developed using standard web development technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP), ensuring a seamless and interactive user experience.
  • Innovative Navigation Features: A key innovation in the tour is the 'info point menu,' strategically positioned to allow users easy access to information hotspots within the tour. This feature simplifies navigation through the facility's key areas, providing detailed insights with each selection and enhancing the educational value of the tour.
  • Comprehensive Educational Experience: The virtual tour guides viewers through all significant components of the waste-to-energy process, offering a deep dive into sustainable waste management and energy production. The immersive experience brings viewers closer to understanding how everyday waste is transformed into valuable electricity.


The Gren Klaipėda Waste-to-Energy Plant virtual tour stands as a testament to the power of digital storytelling in showcasing sustainable technologies. Through this immersive experience, Gren demonstrates its commitment to green energy solutions and educates the public on the importance of innovative waste management practices.

A Vision for Sustainable Energy: This project underlines Xfiner's expertise in creating engaging and educational virtual tours. By bringing the operations of the Gren Klaipėda Waste-to-Energy Plant to life online, Xfiner has contributed to spreading awareness about sustainable practices that can significantly impact our approach to energy production and waste management, aligning with Gren's vision of developing green energy solutions across Northern Europe and beyond.

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Lauri Post

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