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Grow with Google - 7x LIVE & Online Training Sessions

xfiner delivered 7 live training events for the Grow with Google series.

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Lauri Post, the founder of Xfiner, had the honor of conducting seven online training sessions for Google. These sessions were part of Google’s initiative to support local businesses in their growth and adaptation to the digital age. In April 2021, Xfiner contributed two webinars to the Grow with Google series, aiming to empower thousands of entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners by enhancing their digital knowledge and skills.

Since its inception in 2015, Google has been instrumental in aiding millions in securing employment, advancing their careers, or expanding their businesses. The company has further committed to accelerating economic recovery by offering its technology, tools, and training. This initiative seeks to strengthen local businesses, communities, and individuals, making them more robust, swift, and resilient.

The Estonian Republic Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication, EAS, and various county development centers also joined this mission, endorsing a remarkable digital program designed to elevate the digital expertise of the Estonian populace.

Matt Brittin, Google's President of Europe, eloquently highlighted the importance of digital technology, especially in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. He noted its role in facilitating connections among people and enabling businesses to continue offering crucial services. He acknowledged Estonia's leading digital status and its potential to spearhead a technology-driven, sustainable, and inclusive recovery benefiting all citizens. Google's commitment was to provide the necessary knowledge and tools for Estonian individuals and businesses to thrive in the future.

The Grow with Google program targeted small and medium-sized enterprises eager to upgrade their digital skills and enhance their prospects for success. Offering ten diverse online webinars/training sessions, the program covered essential topics such as optimizing websites for business generation, increasing eCommerce sales and customer base, effectively using Google My Business, and leveraging social media and content marketing, among others.

Lauri Post from Xfiner led two key sessions on the 7th and 28th of April, focusing on enabling participants to drive more business through their websites and eCommerce platforms.

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