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Jack Morton & ABB - CES 2024

A high-speed design and animation project for Jack Morton and ABB, CES 2024.

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Elevating Augmented Reality with Cutting-Edge Design

For CES 2024, one of the most anticipated technology expos held in Las Vegas, ABB set out to captivate attendees with an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) experience. To achieve this ambitious vision, Jack Morton enlisted Xfiner's expertise in interface design and animation, marking the beginning of a high-stakes project where precision and speed were of the essence.

Challenge: The task at hand was not only to conceptualize and design an interface that would seamlessly integrate with ABB's AR experience but also to create animations that vividly showcase the potential of AR technology. Operating under a strict deadline, every second was crucial to ensure the project's success in time for the grand unveiling at CES 2024.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Rapid Design and Animation Production: Xfiner's team mobilized quickly, leveraging our deep expertise in UI/UX design and animation to meet the project's tight timeline. Our focus was on producing high-quality designs and animations that would bring ABB's AR experience to life, engaging CES attendees with an immersive and interactive showcase.
  • Collaborative Success: Working closely with Jack Morton, Xfiner ensured that our deliverables aligned perfectly with the project's vision and requirements. Our collaborative approach allowed for a seamless integration of design and technology, facilitating a compelling presentation for ABB at CES.
  • Impactful Delivery: The designs and animations created by Xfiner not only met the deadline but exceeded expectations, providing Jack Morton with the tools needed to successfully deliver ABB's presentation. The AR experience stood out at CES 2024, demonstrating the transformative potential of AR in enhancing technological demonstrations.


The successful delivery of ABB's AR experience at CES 2024 showcased the power of collaboration between Xfiner, Jack Morton, and ABB. The project highlighted Xfiner's ability to operate under pressure, delivering innovative design solutions that captivate and engage audiences on a global stage.

A Vision of Augmented Reality's Future: This project is a testament to Xfiner's commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital experience design. By bringing ABB's AR vision to life for CES 2024, we've contributed to setting a new standard for interactive technology presentations, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of augmented reality.

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