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Jack Morton & Hyundai - The Roadshow

A unique design project for Jack Morton & Hyundai - The Roadshow.

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Crafting Futuristic Visions through Interactive Design

When Jack Morton, a global leader in brand experiences, partnered with Hyundai for the German Roadshow, they sought to create an immersive, futuristic experience that transcended conventional boundaries. Xfiner was chosen to design the interface for a groundbreaking installation that combined cutting-edge AI with user interaction to visualize the future. Our mission was to design a visual and interactive experience that would captivate and engage audiences, offering a personalized glimpse into the future inspired by Hyundai's innovative spirit.

Challenge: The challenge was to create a seamless, intuitive user interface for a 32-inch control screen that would direct a spectacular visual display on a 2x3 meter LED wall. The interface needed to be engaging enough to invite participation, yet sophisticated enough to translate user inputs into a dynamic, AI-generated futuristic image in real time.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Intuitive Interface Design: Xfiner developed a user-friendly interface that facilitated easy interaction, allowing visitors to input their vision of the future effortlessly. The design was focused on simplicity and usability, ensuring participants of all ages could navigate the experience without needing extensive instructions.
  • Dynamic Visual Generation: Leveraging AI technology, the system was designed to interpret user inputs from the control screen and generate captivating futuristic images on the LED wall. This real-time visualization represented a personal view of the future, uniquely crafted for each user, making every interaction distinct.
  • Immersive Experience Creation: The overall design aimed to not just inform but immerse participants in a journey to the future, reflecting Hyundai's commitment to innovation and forward-thinking. The seamless integration of user interface and visual output created a memorable, engaging experience that highlighted Hyundai's vision for the future of mobility.


The collaboration between Xfiner, Jack Morton, and Hyundai resulted in a visually stunning installation that attracted attendees and left a lasting impression of Hyundai's innovative edge.

Driving Forward with Innovation: This project stands as a showcase of Xfiner's ability to blend design, technology, and user experience into a cohesive, captivating experience.

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