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Jack Morton & Novartis 3D Virtual Tour

A unique virtual tour design project for Jack Morton and Novartis.

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Designing an Immersive Exploration of Novartis' World

In an ambitious collaboration with Jack Morton, Xfiner was tasked with enhancing the digital strategy for Novartis by creating a 3D Virtual Tour. Armed with intricate 3D renderings provided by Jack Morton, our challenge was to craft an interactive journey that would encapsulate the essence of Novartis' innovative healthcare solutions, allowing professionals to explore the company's offerings through a dynamic online platform.

Challenge: The primary goal was to design an intuitive interface that would guide users through the virtual world of Novartis, ensuring a seamless transition from one point of interest to another. The experience needed to be engaging, informative, and efficient, enabling visitors to discover Novartis' contributions to healthcare and its vision for the future without the constraints of a physical tour.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Seamless Navigation Design: Leveraging the 3D renderings, Xfiner created a user interface that facilitated easy navigation within the virtual environment. Our design focused on simplicity and intuitiveness, allowing users to explore the 3D world with minimal effort and maximum engagement.
  • Interactive Exploration: The virtual tour was designed to be more than just a visual experience; it was an interactive journey through Novartis' offerings. Each point of interest within the tour was equipped with detailed information and online presentations, enriching the user's understanding of Novartis' impact on healthcare.
  • Engaging Experience: Our approach aimed to capture the essence of Novartis' innovation, presenting it in a format that was both accessible and compelling. The virtual tour not only showcased Novartis' products and services but also its commitment to advancing healthcare worldwide.


The Novartis 3D Virtual Tour represents a significant leap forward in digital engagement for the healthcare industry. This interactive platform has set a new standard for how pharmaceutical companies can connect with professionals, share knowledge, and showcase their contributions to healthcare innovation.

A Vision of Healthcare's Digital Future: This project underscores Xfiner's expertise in blending design with technology to create immersive digital experiences. Through our collaboration with Jack Morton and Novartis, we've demonstrated that the future of healthcare engagement lies in innovative digital solutions that bring the world closer to the advancements shaping our health and well-being.

Huge thanks to Jack Morton for onboarding xfiner to the project!

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