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Jack Morton & Remeha - The virtual world experience

A one of a kind augmented reality design project for Jack Morton and Remeha.

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Crafting an Immersive Journey into Remeha’s Innovations

In a pioneering move to redefine digital engagement within the heating solutions sector, Remeha, a leading German brand under the BDR Thermea Group, sought to create an unparalleled virtual world experience. This ambitious project, aimed at showcasing Remeha’s cutting-edge product line and benefits, called for the expertise of Xfiner in partnership with Jack Morton to bring this visionary concept to life.

Challenge: The challenge was multi-faceted: to design a unique web and mobile experience that not only highlighted Remeha’s innovative products but did so in an immersive and interactive manner. The project demanded the integration of 3D rendered worlds, AR functionalities, and detailed 3D product renderings, making it possible for users to visualize Remeha’s solutions in their own space using just their mobile devices.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Designing a 3D Virtual Experience: Xfiner crafted a captivating online environment that transported users into meticulously designed 3D rendered worlds (by Jack Morton), accessible via desktop and mobile platforms. This virtual space was engineered to guide visitors through Remeha’s product ecosystem, offering an engaging exploration of its technological advancements.
  • Augmented Reality and 3D Renderings: Leveraging AR technology and 3D renderings, the experience allowed users to project Remeha’s products into their real-world surroundings, offering a tangible sense of how these solutions could integrate into their lives. This innovative approach enabled a deeper understanding and appreciation of Remeha’s offerings.
  • Comprehensive Web and Mobile App Development: Beyond the web experience, Xfiner developed two mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms, ensuring that the immersive journey was accessible to all users, regardless of their device preference. These apps served as gateways to the virtual world Xfiner created, enriching the user experience with interactive elements and detailed product insights.


The launch of Remeha’s virtual world experience marked a significant milestone in digital marketing within the HVAC industry. By blending immersive 3D environments with practical AR functionalities, Jack Morton & Remeha established a new benchmark for engaging and educating customers online.

Innovation Meets User Engagement: This project exemplifies Xfiner’s ability to push the boundaries of digital experience design, transforming complex product information into an interactive exploration that resonates with users. Through our collaboration with Jack Morton and Remeha, we’ve showcased how technology can energize a brand’s digital presence, inviting users to engage with innovations in a deeply personal and meaningful way.

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