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Minerals Got Talent’s Virtual Tour

A stunning and unique design for the Minerals Got Talent European traveling exhibition.

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Designing the Digital Companion for a Journey Through Time and Earth

"Minerals Got Talent! From underground to home" is an ambitious European traveling exhibition designed to unveil the pivotal role minerals have played from the dawn of time to our modern era, and into the future. It aims to illuminate the invisible yet fundamental threads that connect human civilization with the Earth's precious mineral resources. Spanning across three distinct modules, the exhibition takes visitors on a captivating journey through the past, present, and future of our planet and its mineral bounty.

Challenge: The task was to create a user experience and interface for a digital companion that would match the depth and educational value of the physical exhibition. This digital platform needed to engage a young audience while being insightful for visitors of all ages, mirroring the exhibition's journey through Earth's history, human civilization's evolution, and the speculative futures of our mineral dependency.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Intuitive UX Design: Xfiner developed a user experience that guides visitors through the digital companion of the exhibition seamlessly, ensuring the stories of minerals are accessible, engaging, and educational. The design facilitates an exploratory journey mirroring the exhibition's structure: Earth's past, the symbiotic relationship between humans and minerals, and the vision for tomorrow.
  • Reflective UI Design: The interface design mirrors the physical exhibition's ambiance, with visual elements and themes reflecting the historical and futuristic narratives of the minerals. This congruence between the digital and physical spaces enhances the overall visitor experience, making the journey through time and the role of minerals in human civilization more immersive.
  • Special Thanks to Lauri Veerde: In bringing this project to life, Xfiner extends special gratitude to Lauri Veerde, whose insights and contributions were invaluable in shaping the digital companion to truly reflect the spirit and educational goals of the "Minerals Got Talent!" exhibition.


The "Minerals Got Talent!" digital companion has become an essential part of the traveling exhibition, enriching the visitor experience with an engaging, informative digital layer. As the exhibition travels across Europe, the digital platform serves as both a teaser and an educational extension, inviting young minds and curious souls to delve deeper into the fascinating world of minerals and their indelible mark on human history and future.

A Legacy Carved from Earth's Bounty: Proud of our contribution to "Minerals Got Talent!", Xfiner celebrates the opportunity to blend digital innovation with educational storytelling, offering a window into the earth's geological marvels and their impact on civilization. This project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of bringing the hidden stories of our planet to light.

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