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Nova Bio B2B Marketplace UX/UI design

An super tailored eCommerce solution for NOVA and their science-facing-end-users.

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Catalyzing Innovation in Life Sciences eCommerce

NOVA, a renowned team specializing in life sciences, bridges the gap between cutting-edge laboratory instruments and the specialists who utilize them. In a sector where efficiency and innovation are paramount, NOVA sought to transcend traditional boundaries by establishing a pioneering B2B eCommerce platform. This vision brought them to Xfiner, tasked with creating an online marketplace that would not only facilitate the purchase, rental, and exchange of lab equipment but also foster a community of knowledge sharing among lab specialists.

Challenge: The primary challenge lay in designing a platform that catered specifically to the nuanced needs of lab professionals. The project demanded a solution that mirrored the precision and detail-oriented nature of laboratory work, making it essential to craft an experience that was as meticulously planned and executed as the scientific processes it aimed to support.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Tailored eCommerce Platform Design: Xfiner embarked on designing a B2B eCommerce solution that was both innovative and exceptionally detailed, reflecting the specific requirements of NOVA's target audience. This involved creating a user interface that was intuitive for lab specialists, enabling them to easily find, compare, and acquire the tools necessary for their work.
  • Integration of Community and Knowledge Exchange: Recognizing the importance of knowledge in advancing scientific endeavors, the platform was designed to facilitate not just transactions but also the exchange of insights and experiences among users. This feature aimed to create a collaborative environment that supports the growth and development of the life sciences community.
  • Precision and Detail in UX/UI: The design process mirrored the meticulousness of laboratory research, with every aspect of the user experience being carefully considered and tested. This approach ensured that the platform was not only functional but also intuitive, meeting the high standards expected by lab professionals.


The launch of NOVA's B2B marketplace has marked a significant leap forward in how lab specialists access and share resources. By providing a platform that is both a marketplace and a community hub, NOVA has positioned itself as a leader in the life sciences sector, offering unprecedented value to its customers, company, and partners alike.

A Formula for Success: This project stands as a testament to Xfiner's capability to tackle complex challenges and deliver bespoke digital solutions. Through close collaboration with NOVA, we have crafted a platform that sets a new standard in the B2B eCommerce landscape, proving that with the right approach, even the most specialized fields can benefit from digital innovation.

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Lauri Post

Founder, Creative Director

Concepts, UX/UI Design


10+ years of experience