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Paywerk Financial Web Application Design

A pay later checkout experience design project for Paywerk.

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Xfiner, together with Wunderfront took on the challenge to enhance the online shopping experience with Paywerk by creating a checkout solution that allows customers to effortlessly split their payments into three or more installments. Paywerk, aiming to simplify the purchasing process and make high-quality goods more accessible, required a design that could demystify payment installment plans for users.

Challenge: The primary obstacle was the inherent complexity of installment payments and the need to integrate this option seamlessly into the online checkout process. Customers often hesitate to choose installment payments due to confusing terms or a cumbersome setup process. Xfiner's task was to eliminate these barriers, designing a user-friendly interface that encourages more customers to take advantage of flexible payment options.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Intuitive Design: Focusing on clarity and simplicity, Xfiner crafted a checkout experience that guides users through the process of selecting installment payments without overwhelming them with jargon or complicated steps. The design was intuitive, ensuring users of all backgrounds could understand and use the feature with ease.
  • User-Centric Approach: By placing the user's needs at the forefront, the design minimized confusion and maximized convenience. This approach involved streamlining the number of steps required to opt into installment payments and providing clear, concise information at each stage of the checkout process.
  • Simplifying Complexity: The essence of Xfiner's strategy was to make a complex financial transaction as straightforward as making a regular, one-time payment. This simplicity was achieved through meticulous design, thoughtful layout, and strategic use of visual cues to lead the user naturally through their payment choices.


The collaboration with Paywerk resulted in a checkout experience that not only met but exceeded expectations. The installment payment option was seamlessly integrated into the online shopping process, making it more attractive and accessible to customers. Paywerk expressed immense satisfaction with Xfiner's design work, marking the project as a definitive success.

Fostering Financial Flexibility: This project serves as a testament to Xfiner's ability to transform complex financial processes into simple, user-friendly experiences. By redefining the checkout process for Paywerk, Xfiner has contributed to making financial flexibility a tangible reality for online shoppers, promoting greater access to products and services through manageable payment solutions.

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Lauri Post

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