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Schlürf's eCommerce website UX/UI redesign

A design project for a premium tea brand based in Berlin, Germany.

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The journey of rejuvenating Schlürf's online presence began with a visit to our friends and clients at the Berlin School of Coffee and Berliner Kaffeerösterei. It was here that the need for Schlürf, a premium tea brand based in Berlin, to mirror its excellence online became unmistakably clear. Schlürf, renowned for its dedication to organic, certified, and exquisitely flavored teas made in Germany, required a digital platform that truly reflected its passion for quality tea.

Challenge: The primary challenge was transforming Schlürf's website to not only convey the premium quality of their teas but also to incorporate eCommerce best practices, ensuring a significant return on investment for online channels. The goal was to redesign the website to make it as premium and beautiful as their teas, enhancing the user experience and interface to reflect the brand's high standards and eco-friendly production values.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Deep Dive into Tea Culture: Our team immersed itself in the world of tea, conducting user research and interviews with the Schlürf team to gain a deep understanding of the business and its customers. This initial phase was crucial in aligning our design strategy with Schlürf's brand ethos and customer expectations.
  • CX/UX Design Phase: With a clear vision, we embarked on the customer experience and user experience design phase, developing high-fidelity wireframes that mapped out intuitive paths for purchasing tea online. This step was critical in ensuring a seamless journey for users from discovery to purchase.
  • UI Design and Mobile-First Approach: Recognizing the predominance of mobile users, we adopted a mobile-first design approach, giving Schlürf a digital aesthetic worthy of its premium teas. The user interface was crafted to embody the elegance and quality of the brand, ensuring that every online interaction was a reflection of Schlürf's dedication to excellence.


The transformation of Schlürf's eCommerce website was met with unanimous praise from both the client and their customers. The redesign not only elevated the brand's online presence but also significantly impacted its performance, demonstrating the power of combining deep industry insight with best practices in eCommerce. The new website truly encapsulates the essence of Schlürf - "Rein und gut" - pure and good, showcasing the premium German tea brand in all its glory.

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Lauri Post

Founder, Creative Director

Concepts, UX/UI Design


10+ years of experience