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SFBIO’s Chemist Lab Software UX/UI Design

Super niche software UX/UI design for American chemists based in Silicon Valley.

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Crafting the Future of Chemical Research in Silicon Valley

In the heart of Silicon Valley, a group of pioneering chemists at SFBIO sought to revolutionize their laboratory environment with software that could not only match the sophistication of their work but enhance it. The vision was clear: to create a user interface that would seamlessly integrate with lab hardware, ensuring precision and ease of use across complex chemical experiments. This software would need to run on a 24” touch screen and adhere to the Microsoft Fluent Design System, setting a new standard for laboratory software.

Challenge: This project presented one of the most intricate UX/UI challenges Xfiner has ever undertaken. The complexity lay not just in designing an aesthetically pleasing interface but in creating one that could intuitively control sophisticated laboratory hardware. The journey to fully understand the nuances of the chemists' work, the functionality of the lab equipment, and how to translate these requirements into a digital interface was as challenging as it was enlightening.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Intuitive Design Following Microsoft Fluent Design System: By adopting the Microsoft Fluent Design System, Xfiner ensured that the software was not only visually appealing but also aligned with familiar usability principles. This approach facilitated the creation of an interface that felt natural to use, even in the high-stakes environment of a chemical laboratory.
  • Complex Functionality Made Accessible: The software's UX/UI design focused on making complex laboratory processes accessible and manageable through a digital interface. This required an in-depth understanding of the chemists' work, meticulous design planning, and iterative testing to ensure that every feature was intuitive and effective.
  • Collaboration and Iteration: The project was a testament to the power of collaboration, coffee, and continuous learning. Working closely with the chemists, Xfiner navigated the intricate requirements of the lab environment, translating them into a digital form that was both functional and user-friendly.


The completion of the SFBIO’s Chemist Lab Software project marked a significant milestone in the intersection of design and scientific research. The software has transformed the laboratory workflow, making complex procedures more manageable and significantly enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of chemical experiments.

A Milestone in Design Innovation: The sense of accomplishment within the Xfiner team is palpable. This project was not only a demonstration of technical and creative prowess but also a meaningful contribution to the scientific community in Silicon Valley. The positive feedback from the chemists served as a testament to the software's impact, affirming the success of this ambitious endeavor.

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Lauri Post

Founder, Creative Director

Concepts, UX/UI Design


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