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The Estonian eCommerce Association Design Works

Several redesigns and websites for the The Estonian eCommerce Association.

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Over the past five years, Xfiner has proudly served as an official partner to the Estonian eCommerce Association, a collaboration that has yielded multiple website redesigns and digital solutions aimed at advancing the association's mission. The most recent redesign project has propelled the Estonian eCommerce Association into a new era, showcasing a modern and sophisticated online presence that aligns with the dynamic nature of the e-commerce industry.

Challenge: The Estonian eCommerce Association sought to elevate its digital footprint, requiring a website that not only reflected the latest in design trends but also offered an engaging and informative user experience. The goal was to enhance the association's online visibility and accessibility, making it a pivotal resource for Estonia's growing e-commerce sector. Additionally, the challenge extended to creating an online store, introducing a new dimension to the association's offerings.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Modern Website Redesign: Xfiner embarked on a comprehensive redesign of the Estonian eCommerce Association's website, introducing a sleek, contemporary aesthetic paired with intuitive navigation. This redesign was focused on enhancing user engagement, providing easy access to resources, events, and industry insights that are crucial for e-commerce professionals and enthusiasts.
  • Online Store Development with Wunderfront: Recognizing the potential to further support the e-commerce community, Xfiner also played a key role in developing an online store for the Estonian eCommerce Association, utilizing the Wunderfront platform. This online store aimed to offer products and services directly related to the needs of e-commerce businesses, facilitating access to tools and resources essential for growth and success in the digital marketplace.


The revitalization of the Estonian eCommerce Association's website, coupled with the launch of its online store, has significantly boosted the association's role as a leader and advocate for the e-commerce industry in Estonia. These digital enhancements have not only made the association more relevant and accessible to its members but have also established a solid foundation for future growth and innovation.

A Partnership for eCommerce Excellence: The ongoing partnership between Xfiner and the Estonian eCommerce Association exemplifies the transformative power of digital design and development in empowering industry organizations. Through our collaborative efforts, we've contributed to fostering a vibrant e-commerce ecosystem in Estonia, underpinning the association's commitment to supporting businesses and professionals in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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