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Thursday’s Branding and iOS App UI Design

Branding and iOS app design for a Norwegian startup, and yes, even a poop emoji was designed.

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Igniting Social Connections with Creativity and Humor

Thursday, a dynamic Norwegian startup with the backing of investors from Spotify, envisioned creating a social media mobile app that captures the essence of urban life through the eyes of its inhabitants. With the ambition to make city pulses palpable and insider recommendations a swipe away, Thursday sought a partner to bring their vision to life - and found the perfect match in Xfiner.

Challenge: The task was multifaceted - create an enticing brand, weave a compelling story, and design a mobile app that becomes the go-to for locals and travelers alike to discover the heartbeat of their city. And, in a twist that would set Thursday apart, design a custom set of emojis, including a particularly unique poop emoji, to add a playful touch to the user experience.

Xfiner's Solution:

  • Brand Creation and Storytelling: Xfiner crafted Thursday's brand identity, values, and narrative, encapsulated in a striking Corporate Visual Identity (CVI) and animations that resonate with the brand's adventurous spirit. The result was a brand that stands out for its friendliness and innovation, capturing the hearts of the Norwegian founders.
  • Mobile App Design: With the brand identity firmly in place, Xfiner shifted focus to the iOS app design, closely collaborating with Thursday's team, who brought their UX design expertise to the table. This synergy allowed Xfiner to concentrate on creating an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing UI, ensuring the app was not only functional but also engaging.
  • Custom Emoji Set: Breaking new ground, Xfiner ventured into the design of custom emojis for Thursday, marking a milestone in their creative journey. The emoji set, featuring a distinctive poop emoji among others, added a unique and humorous element to the app, enhancing user interaction and enjoyment.
  • Website Design: Completing the brand's digital presence, Xfiner designed a sleek and informative website for Thursday, encapsulating the essence of the brand and inviting users to join the vibrant community.


Thursday's launch marked the emergence of a brand that embodies adventure, connection, and humor. The mobile app, supported by a distinctive set of emojis and a compelling brand story, offers users an unparalleled window into the life of their city, fostering community and discovery. The collaboration between Thursday and Xfiner has set a new benchmark for branding and app design, proving that even the most unconventional ideas can lead to extraordinary results.

A Journey of Innovation and Laughter: Proudly reflecting on our collaboration with Thursday, Xfiner celebrates the creativity and spirit that brought this project to fruition. It stands as a testament to the power of bold ideas, meticulous design, and the occasional poop emoji in creating something truly memorable.

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