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You get our committed xteam, quite high standards some say, and unique approach to design.

Interface design.
UX/UI design.

Xfiner designs notable user experiences and interfaces to help people achieve their goals times faster. Software, web apps, apps.

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Clear expectations

Every impactful project starts with careful planning that leads to a well-described project brief. This helps us later to meet the goals and plans set.

The magic ingredient

How you make it happen - makes all the difference. We aim to make the concept unique and captivating, so that your interface stands out - and seduces more and more people.

UX design
The blueprint

By carefully visualizing the user flows and blueprints/wireframes of your project, we can be sure that the end product will be more than great and everybody is excited about the idea.

UI design
Even finer

After you have seen the interface's structure and understand the underlying concept - it is time for us to make the views as pretty as they can be, and give the interface a stunning design.

User testing
Validate, succeed

A strongly recommended step, yet not mandatory. Whenever it is possible, aim to perform user testing with a clickable (images) prototype and a well-crafted test-case. So you get early feedback and signs of success, before starting the actual development.

Time to celebrate

By this time you have received some remarkable craft, and we hand over the assets, or keep them in our vault until they are again needed - however you wish. We will be here, and eagerly waiting for new challenging assignments.

Xfiner has delivered projects to over 26 countries and counting.

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What sets us apart?

Why consider xfiner to support your brand with immersive experiences?

It is our passion to make more people love your brand, even more, through design. We’ve delivered notable design projects to 26 countries and counting.
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Many well-known and global brands have trusted us to help on their important projects. We are always happy to collaborate, contribute and deliver.
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We are humble and down to earth, and the 10+ awards just make us more happier. European Design Awards - Silver, multiple German Design Awards and counting.
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Xfiner's team and partners have the experience of creating over 100 virtual tours from start to finish, and also hold the the membership at The International Virtual Reality Professionals Association.
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Lauri Post

Founder, Creative Director

Concepts, UX/UI Design


10+ years of experience